2004 International, National, Regional Results













2004 USCA National Championship

Date: November 4 - 7, 2004  Nashville, TN

Hosted by: Cumberland Valley Schutzhund & Police Club


2004 USA GSD National Results


Just take a look below at the representation that our region had at this years GSD National Championship.  Need I say any more. Please pay special attention to the 18th place finisher. That is an 8 year old girl. The daughter of T. Floyd, Daio who handled her dog to a 94-85-96=276 finish. If you did not get to see this teams performance, you missed something fantastic. I cannot emphasize enough how important the youth are to our sport. I commend all of those who involve and encourage the youth to get involved.


This list should make all of us proud to be part of this region:


Beata Jenkins & Rodan  4th place  287

Carlos Rojas & Ikke  7th place  285

Fernando "Chico Stanford & Iwan  8th place  284

T. Floyd & Sydney  10th place  283

Jim Hill & Charlie  12th place  282


Lisa Jacquin & Agar  278

Kevin Lanouette & Dralion  277

Daio Floyd & Mendy  276

T. Floyd & Gollo  268

Pedro Jimenez & Alex  268

Floyd Wilson & Hardy  249


Glyn Clayton

Andres Aportella


I hope I did not miss anybody......


More news from the Nationals to follow soon.

Notes from the General Board meeting.

Randy Kromer, Regional Director



2004 USCA Sieger Show

Date: October 29 - 31, 2004  Nashville, TN

Sieger: Kevin vom Murrtal 

Siegerin: Biggi vom Langenbungert



2004 WUSV Championship

Date: October 6 - 10, 2004  Eindhoven, Netherlands

2004 WUSV Vice Champion: Debra Zappia & Escobar van Adelrik

Cathy Jobe, Gary Hanrahan, T. Floyd, Howie Rodriguez, Rob Dunn,

Debra Zappia, Dave Taylor, Wallace Payne









2004 USCA Northeastern Regional Championship

Date: October 8 - 10, 2004  Phillipsburg, NJ

Hosted by: North Jersey Schutzhund & Police Association

2004 NE Regional IPO3 Champion: Joe Moldovan & Argo

2004 NE Regional IPO3 Vice Champion: Andres Aportela & Afrodite vom Apoll

2004 NE Regional IPO3 3rd Place: Carlos Rojas & Ikke van't Heukske

2004 NE Regional IPO1 Champion: Oscar Rojas & Enzo von Digarah

2004 NE Regional IPO1 Vice Champion: Carlos Rojas & Fanto vom Kirchenwald (Schatze)





2004 FCI World Championship

September, 2004  Ambres, France



2004 National Obedience Championship & HOT Championship Results

Date: June 4 - 6, 2004  Indianapolis, IN

Hosted by: Western Indiana Schutzhund & Police Club

High in Trial: Jim Sears with Degn's Monrad

High SchH I: Bruce McNabb with Lexi vom Anker-Haus

High SchH II: Jim Sears with Degn's Monrad

High SchH III: Cynthia Zimmerman with A' Bete Visage Noir v BMT

High Tracking: Jim Sears with Degn's Monrad

High Obedience: Cynthia Zimmerman with A' Bete Visage Noir v BMT

High Protection: Cynthia Zimmerman with A' Bete Visage Noir v BMT


High in Trial Obedience: Jim Sears with Degn's Monrad

High OB I : Barbara Eichman with Ajax vom Adlerbach

High OB II : Jim Sears with Degn's Monrad

High OB III : Molly Graf with Eagle vom Eichenluft


2004 National Obedience Championship & HOT Championship Results





2004 North American Schutzhund 3 & FH Championship

Date: April 16 -18, 2004  Atlanta, GA

TOP WINNERS: At center, 2004 North American SchH3 Champion Bastin vom Kokeltal with Gary Hanrahan, 288; Vice Champion Sydney vom Floyd Haus and T. Floyd, 287; 3rd, Xenon von Adschanta and Ken Hashimoto, 284; 4th, Grim van Meerhout and Richard Atkins, 284; 5th, Eagle vom Eichenluft and Margaret Graf, 282.


TOP HOT 5 Winners

1st. Richard Atkins, 2nd Molly Graf, 3rd Elizabeth Bradley, 4th Wallace Payne, 5th Douglas Surber


The FH Champions: Center right, T. Floyd with Sydney vom Floyd Haus, 98; center left, Victor van't Priorijof with Jerry Wilkins, 98; Adrian Ledda with Cora Beim Steinrussel and Carlos Rojas with Ikke v.'t Heukske each scored 97.



2004 AWDF IPO & FH Championship

Date: March 26-28, 2004  Charlotte, NC

Molly Graf with Eagle vom Eichenluft
2004 AWDF Vice Champion



































































































































































































































































































































































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