2012 USA Northeastern Regional Championship

Hosted by Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club

September 29-30, 2012  Edison, New Jersey


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Congratulations to this year's NE Regional Champion

Fabian Robinson & Graubaer's Boker

Vice Champion: T. Floyd & Ivan von der Alte Baum

3rd place: Marty Segretto & Kao von Vereinigte Stolz

4th place John Dolan & Torin van der Woude

5th place T. Floyd & Ali vom Hofe Schumacher


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Thank you ALL for supporting 2012 NE Regional Championship!!!



Dear sports friends.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting the 2012 Northeastern Regional Championship.


The importance of promoting the use of and breeding of sound working dogs cannot be refuted. It is in part because of the efforts of all of us that the United States has become a world renowned focal point for our working dogs.


The sport of IPO plays a resounding role in the above. Without such breed and working suitability tests we would not be able to determine which lines of German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Doberman, Rottweiler and the like to develop.


At this time, we dedicate this weekend to celebrating the sport of IPO, the triathlon of working dog sports, to determine the top team in the Northeastern Region.


Congratulations to all who have trained hard to compete and thank you to all who take the time to support IPO, be it in the form of donations of your time and efforts, your political influence or monetary support.


Special thanks to:


My wife, Ai who still finds the time in the day to help me put together a Working Dog Championship Event. Her support of my love for the dog sport is evident.


Frank Pinho and Kevin Rutherford for their family like friendship and tireless and selfless efforts.


The members of the Alpha K-9 Club which I call my family without them this could never be possible.


To the Mayor Antonia Ricigliano of Edison Township for her supporting, always, our working dog activities.


To the Judges Volker Diesem and Johannes Grewe, who travel so far in support to the sport.


To the Tracking Coordinator Mark Barish and Tracklayer Debbie Baldwin for the scent detection portion.


To the Helpers Mario Bardouille, Blair Faust and Ralph Burrows who will test the mettle of the dogs and handling abilities of their human counterparts during the defense.


To those Vendors, Trophy Sponsors and Spectators who come to enjoy the most difficult sport involving mankind and animal that exists.


And especially to all Competitors who will showcase their talent to the IPO Championship Competition.

I thank you all and I remain:


Carlos Rojas

President of the Host Club, Alpha K-9






2012 USCA NE Regional Championship Vendors







Carlos Rojas 201 873 8496

Frank Pinho 848 565 7024
Ai Yoshino Rojas 201 724 6079

Email: jagermeister408@aol.com



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